The Schmoe Legacy

To Schmoe-dly go.


Started my new ISBI

you can find it here :


I hope you like it!


That awkward moment when your savefiles become corrupted and you reinstall all your games without backing them up..


But the bright side is my game run smooth now. But the Schmoes are kaput. 😦

I have started an ISBI that I will *probably* post soon. Probably on a different blog though.


Sorry guys. 😦


Sorry for the lack of updates. I was having trouble with my save file, but its all fixed now and I should have one up soon.

Chapter 6- Heartburn.

Okay I only called it heartburn cause I have heartburn,  and it hurts.

Also, I can’t think of a name. Actually, until I look in the pictures I have NO IDEA what is going on in this chapter because I’m so far ahead.

Joe- Oh shii-

Joe- FML.

Bro time.

Pinky is always breathing down Rosco’s neck. It’s pretty creepy.

Mo- I feel a disturbance in the force.

*muffled screaming*

And again Mo. Please pick a more convenient spot to give birth.

This is Alex. He is disciplined and loves the outdoors I think. I forgot his favorites.

Rosco- You are disrupting my evil slumber!

Alex also got an imaginary friend, his name is Cosmo.

I sent Rosco out to find a rainbow gem to turn Pinky real. I couldn’t find one. But look at all these!

Joe- MINE.

Wow you look so naked without your epic man sweater.

Hunter pees on himself…. alot. You’ll see this later.

Also, this seems to be the next picture I have of him. Ooops.

I forgot what trait he rolled. Also, oops.

Alex also aged up. He has a different skintone then the other boys and actually looks like he could be a product of Joe and Mo.

I like it.

Look at the cute! :3

Oh, and Hunter also died.


Joe- *passes out*

Hunter- Just kidding Dad. Its a potion. PWNED!

Yeah, I probably didn’t have anyone fooled there.


Seriously, he did nothing to be grounded about. It says “for skipping school” but he didn’t.

No idea.

Rosco- Uhhh.. thats gross.

See what I mean?

Pinky- *breathes heavily*

Rosco- I heard what you said about my mother.

Hunter- Who are you talking to, kid?

Joe- Bye kid. See you in 2 days.

I got that vacation pop up. So I decided to throw a RAGING PARTY WOO!

This is what went down:

Sam peed on Hunter’s shoes and stabbed him in the jugular with a sharp thought bubble…

And Bella and Sandi passed out.

The end.

Chapter 5- My Son’s a Fairy

I dropped down the basic house from the bin. This house is pretty cute. :3




Candy- Hmm I don’t know.

Hunter- It’s not liquid horror potion.

Take that!

Joe- BOY! You take that off right now! I did not raise a butt pirate!

Hunter-  Hear ye! Hear ye!

I heard jingles. 🙂

Monika got a splinter in her butt from this, lol.

Out of all the choices, he chose the pink one. :3

He looks kinda like Barney.

As you can see Mo is pregnant with her 3rd child.

Pinky- Why waste time with such trivial things! There is so much evil we can do!

That looks painful.

This is Rosco and Pinky aged up.

Rosco- I’m so embarrassed that you watched me use the bathroom.

Pinky- I go everywhere you go.

Its like my game knows.

Nothing to see here.

Joe- BOY! Stop throwin’ that pillow around at nothin’! You look like a loon!

Hunter- I can’t move! The imaginary friend is in my way!


Chapter 4- Pinky and the Brain

Joe- &^(*%* THIS BABY!

Mo hates him too.

You may notice that I fail with remembering to take birthday pictures.

This little cutie is Hunter of course.

*Rusty squeaking*

Mo- Ooh babe, its getting hot in here..

                                                                                                                          Hunter- …Guys? GUYS?

I freaked out! They would NOT stop woohooing! Then they fell asleep and the bookcase caught on fire and it was about to spread

to the crib so I quickly resetsim’d Hunter out. It was chaos.

Sims are SO STUPID. I don’t know how many times I told Mo to run outside but she kept running back in. /sigh

Really? 100 bucks for insurance? That doesn’t cover half, probably.

Later Joe impressed a celebrity. Joe is now a fame leecher.


Also, I think I said last chapter that Hunter was a genius but I meant virtuoso, he doesn’t get genius until his child birthday. Ooops.

Ah, yes. The FIRE BABY that nearly killed my legacy.

Hunter- I gwoing up!

Hunter gets the chem lab, and this is the first time I’ve ever used it. I like it.

Notice Joe being very manly back there.

Hunter- EUREKA! I have finally concocted the worlds most useful potion. It will uhh.. uhh..

Brighten your day?

Hunter- Yes!

How lameee.

Hahaha. Now THAT’S more like it.

Hunter- *does this 10 more times*

I don’t like it anymore. D:

Awesome Monika. Way to make it the most difficult shot ever.


This is Rosco, he is an evil genius. Which is appropriate for the FIRE BABY.

Also, he got an I.F Doll I named Pinky. Which is also appropriate.

Joe- Y Ucancel my wish to skinny dip with Molly French?

Hunter- Thanks for being the best dad ever! I got you a gift!

Okay, he just wanted a guinea pig for his new potion.

It made him

Rosco- What are we doing tonight Pinky?

Pinky- The same thing we do every night, Brain.  I am going to rape your mother  

We are going to take over the world!


Chapter 3- Spawn

Hey again guys. 🙂
Just to let you know I’ve updated the ‘Schmoe of Your Own’ page to download Joe.

Off we go!

Joe has his own ways of ‘cleaning up’

Joe- omgsooogoodglomp.

Bitch got knocked the hell out.

Mo has been fishing alot lately for her lifetime wish.

I hate this lifetime wish, so many fishbowls.

Second generation is on its way. 🙂

That’s gross Mo, people sunbathe there.

When she was doing that, this was all I could think about:

Joe- What was that sound? No THAT sound? No THAT sound?

Joe- Here is a gift for the new baby, its not an old newspaper.

It is an old newspaper. She totally loved it.

Also, speaking of newspapers, the pattern on the wall disappeared, but it comes back. So weird.

Mo- What is he on about?

These are the wedding gifts from Mo’s friends.

Joe doesn’t have friends. 😛

I sold them all but the chemistry lab and it gave me over $10000! Sweet. 🙂

Joe feels the pregnancy right with Mo.

I don’t know whats up with him he pukes everyday. :S

This could only mean one thing.



Mo- Honey? Honey? I’m exploding.

Baby- * Tears self through bellybutton.*

Joe- snoregurglesnore.

This is Hunter Schmoe. He is a genius that loves the outdoors, the color turquoise, falafel, and french music.

I hope you guys liked the chapter, I’ll have another one up very soon. I have played very far ahead and I want to catch up.


Chapter 2- Mo’ Schmoe?

Hello again!

Well…lets just jump right to it shall we?

When we last left Joe, he was about to starve to death in the pool. So I sent him back to the park.

Here he is taking food from a pregnant woman.

Hobos need to bathe sometimes too. Joe does this inappropriately.

Joe- Ifff you want my bodddyy anddd you think I’m sexxy…

Joe finds a new potential love intrest and tries to tell her a joke.

Unfortunatly she has No Sense Of Humor and shuts him down.

Doesn’t look like a very funny joke anyway.

Unrelated picture.

 I just think its cute. :3

But then Joe sees The Ultimate Legacy Spouse:

Sorry Chris, I don’t think you’re his type.

Later at the library he meets this pretty young lady.

Jocosta- Monika, step away from the hobo…slowly!

No need to be terrified.. I don’t think.

Joe takes a cue from the movies and picks her some flowers.

Monika- Those are city property! But…sooo…pretty…

Flowers make Monika easy.

Start picspam of adorable date:

He finally got himself a girlfriend!

I don’t know where Joe got the ring but Monika said yes. 🙂

And they quickly got married- legacy style.

Monika- Joe, I’m hungry.


Hobo no mo’.




Joe- I don’t like your makeover.

The “get frisky” interaction is cute. 🙂

But I didn’t know it makes them horny.


Ooops… 🙂

Chapter 1- Hobo.

Hello! Welcome to the brand new Schmoe legacy.

Our founder’s name is Joe Schmoe because I’m uncreative.  So lets meet our suave, debonair founder, shall we?

Joe- You smell that?

No I don’t and I’m glad.

Joe traits are insane, loser, inappropriate, mooch and slob. Ladies please refrain from throwing yourself at him.

His lifetime wish is to be a gold digger (see the ghost of wealthy spouse) its funny cause its unlikely.

Joe:  Yeah right, I’m hot.

You’re a diamond in the rough, I’m sure.

This is Joe’s “house”

Don’t ask how he got the Wolff’s lot.

Joe- I ate them.

He has an outhouse *with a DOOR* and a sleeping bag.

The first thing he did was see if the Wolff’s left anything in their trash.

 He found a big space rock and a rare seed, good find.

I sent him to the park to meet some ladies.

Here he is putting the moves on Tamara.

Joe- Watch my eyes, you..are..getting..very..horny.

I don’t think she’s buying it.

Tamara- DO NOT WANT.

Joe- Hey hey little lady, calm down, lets make a deal, how much for a-


Joe-  One last goodbye kiss?

Tamara- GTFO.

After that failure, he met Cornelia, who is apparently a stylist in this savefile.

She even let him get close enough to her to tell her a secret.

Joe- My dad likes to fart!

Joe- Can I have a LARGE SUM OF MONEY?

Cornelia- Sure! Here is one simoleon.


Joe- Here let me express my gratitude . *puckers*

Cornelia- EW EW EW EW.

Sadly it ended there.

Joe- She couldn’t handle it.

Joe-  HAI.

Joe- I can has cheezburger?

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Joe and Emma really did have a moment there, they stared at each other the whole time they ate.

Mortimer- *Sneaks in picture like a ninja*

Then they bonded over their plan to rummage the unattended bake stand.

Joe was too tired to finish the conversation however, and decided to sleep right where he was at.

By the looks of it Emma had some needs to attend to herself.


He woke up 3 hours later to find her still standing there.

Emma- Huh? No I wasn’t watching him sleep I uh-

(I also just noticed I forgot to pick his outfits except everyday. Oops. I’ll fix that later.)

Emma- Uh oh.


And we end this post with this very random pic of Joe skinny dipping in the public pool.

I thought I had more pictures than that, but I guess not. I hope that you liked my first post and I should have another one up sometime this week. 🙂